A Song for the Trillium Queen - Symphonic Theme

Hi folks,

Short symphonic sketch written for a friend of mine who does historical re-enactment:


Done in Cubase 9.5 Pro using the following libraries, in no particular order:

Albion ONE, 8Dio Anthology Strings, NI Symphonic Essentials, Hollywood Orchestra, Garritan Personal Orch 5, Miroslav 2 CE and HAlion Symphonic.

Be grateful for any feedback or comments.



Hi Rob, just listened to this. Liked it a lot. It’s a bit quiet against others in this genre, I think. But a very realistic orchestral sound. I’m not doing anything close to this, but I wish I knew how. Which of your sounds are most prominent?

Thanks for listening!

The basic strings are Albion One, but the more prominent legato lines are 8Dio Anthology strings, using the Legato 1 patch. I find you can’t top 8Dio’s legato for intense and emotional passages. I also doubled some of the string parts with woodwinds – there are flutes doubling the violins, a bassoon and clarinet doubling some of the celli lines, and a bass clarinet doubling the contrabass. Not too prominent, I keep them from standing out too much, but just enough to add some reinforcement and agility to the string lines.

The woodwind patches themselves are a mix of HAlion Symphonic, Garritan Personal Orch and Miroslav 2 CE. I don’t recall exactly which was which. I’d have to go back and open the project again.

The brass is all EastWest Hollywood Brass Gold.

I’m actually re-recording this piece using a new set of woodwinds I got from the VSL. They are WAY nicer than the other ones I used above, with a nicer legato and a more natural sound – to my ears, anyway. I think they’ll make for a pretty nice improvement on the overall sound of the track.

Excellent cue Rob! As good as your midi is, it would still be great to hear it with a live orchestra!


Thanks, Lee. Greatly appreciated the compliment. :slight_smile: