A sound without a note to play

I’ve put together a score without putting in a note. But it plays a note anyway. Does anyone have an idea? It is a score with strings that I put in from Halion Sonic 7, containing violin, viola, violoncello and double bass. I’m using Dorico 5 Pro.
The upload of the score is in the answer.

Greatings from Norbert

Light and Darkness v1.dorico (1,8 MB)

No issue here Norbert!
No sound.
If I load a standard template, everything is perfect.

Probably you have to add the Diagnostics…

What pitch is the note? Which instrument is it?

It seems to be a flute in F#
I’ve restarted the programm and then the computer, but it stays.

Is there a flute loaded in HALion?

Norbert, the sound you’re hearing is an F#5 which is triggered by the “Natural” key switch for your 1st double bass. Something is wrong in your set-up. Your double bass is routed to Halion Sonic on channel 5. In Halion Sonic I can see that the patch “Double Bass Solo Combi” is loaded on this channel. This patch belongs to the Halion Sonic Symphonic Orchestra. However, for whatever reason, the Track Inspector shows that the “Iconica Sketch Basses” expression map is assigned to this channel. This can’t work: Expression maps have to match the patch that they were developed for.

To fix this, either change the patch or change the expression map. Or, which is probably the easiest way, (re-) apply a Playback Template (select “Play” from the menu bar, then “Playback Template” and pick one, see here: Apply Playback Template dialog). – This should fix it :slight_smile:

Thanx Olilo, changing the palybacktemplate solved the problem. Do you have any idea what is wrong in the set-up?
I’ve allready found out that importing a XML-file that was exported from Musescore caused a problem in the pan of the flute in another score (not the panflute - mr ktveit). But this score was set up from scratch.

It sounds as if perhaps you might have a problem with the choice of default playback template, as defined on the Play page of Preferences. Make sure that it’s set to a playback template that is available on your system.