A specific Cubase approach to gain staging for loudness

And it’s NOT just using the built-in Pre gain, or typical other gain staging porocedures I have seen.

While I think Dom makes some excellent suggestions from the start, at 9:28 is what I have never attempted by using event based volume envelope. It’s been there for a long time. I’m not sure why I never thought of this so I’m sharing.

Event based volume envelope, then use the stuff we all know…clip gain, pre-gain and automation.

Ive used it a couple of times when wanting to remove some peaks to give a limiter an easier time , it’s great for desesssing as well and getting your vocals to sit nicely

Thanks for the video, I’d overlooked this method for years too.

I also like his point about keeping the Fader up near zero and using the Pre controls to adjust the gain. My templates all have the Faders lowered and the Pre at zero. Never really considered that what I was doing lowered the resolution of the Fader.

i use both,gain knob and if the event is really hot i also bring down the event volume so i have room to raise the event volume in specific areas when needed
and a little reminder suggestion: its time to make the “pencil tool” go and make a real full functional ,event volume envelope automation as in protools and now even better in studio one 5

its time to make the “pencil tool” go

Even just selecting with the range tool and dragging down would be easier than the 4 pencil clicks (for the one syllable) that Dom demonstrated.

When using this technique for De-essing an entire vocal it’s quite time-consuming.

Great video, thanks for sharing. I had forgotten about event volume as well, seemed to remember using it years ago

Yes. An easier time is sending your limiter nutritious food. In turn, assuming you don’t abuse her, she will love you back being somewhat giving and still remain relatively pure.

When I did commercial mastering, and especially in the pop-rock realm, I could often tell if a pre-master came from a user who just purchased an L-2, or someone experienced who delivered a clear mix with subdued tamed transients already in the (don’t really like giving dbRMS numbers because they are often meaningless) -12 to -10dbRMS range…ready to be made cohesive and at client or producers direction…then taken more loudness competitive.

For me, I learned this long ago but it was just head knowledge. Today it’s lost in practice so Dom for me is an excellent reminder.

Hello. I’m new Cubase user. I watched this video earlier today to learn how to gain stage in Cubase, but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out how to use the pencil tool to draw the event-based volume envelopes the way that Dom Sigalas is performing @10:50 of his video. My pencil tool keeps creating new events over the parts when trying to draw my envelopes. I did refer to the manual, and many other videos and now I’m here looking for an answer. Is there a draw tool feature to enable to use it this way? What am I missing here? Is this only for the pro version of Cubase 10.5? Thanks!