A specific Mixer routing scenario

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a routing mixer in VL which, initially, seemed simple to me, but for which I haven’t found a solution yet.

The channel is the microphone one and the Mixer routing should be such as to respect the following scenario:

  1. Some effects must be used globally on a microphone signal
  2. The signal effected as in point 1) passes through a fader which should be managed at Part level
  3. Finally the signal is effected with other effects on a global level

For point 3) I can use inserts on a Group channel, but points 1) and 2), wanting to implement them together, do not seem to offer a solution, apparently mutually exclusive in the use of a global or local Stack.

I hope I have sufficiently described the scenario.

Thank you in advance for the suggestions. :blush:

Hi @musicullum, @Spork ,

any suggestions for me on this matter? :blush:

We do have a solution for this, but it is not yet included.

So for now you would need individual Stacks - you can copy/paste, and if you just want volume control for Parts, it “costs” close to nothing. Effects which are the same for all of these could be implemented by sending each Stack output to a Group channel with those effects inserted, from there, you can also further send to other Group channels like reverb as in 3). When you copy/paste a Stack, its output will point to that “global Mic Stack Group” already, so it’s not a lot of effort.

Hi @musicullum,

I apologize if I return to the topic, but I was left in doubt as to whether I was able to fully explain the scenario.

What I can’t do is create a Global Effect in pre-fader on the Stack which, due to being configured in the parts, cannot be a Global Stack.

On the Stack I can obviously go to Insert for the pre-fader, but if I use a Stack, copying it in all the parts, then for a change on the Global Effect I would have as many changes to make as there are parts of the whole project… do you agree? :thinking:

Yes and no. My approach is not pre-fader, but post-fader. I see your point, but an “empty” Stack would allow Part volume, with effects in Group channel “post”. Sure that is different, but as long as the inserts are not depending on gain (like amp sim), it would not make much of a difference and allow for both individual volume, and inserts. That is not ideal, but for some scenarios should do the trick?

No, you would only change the Group where all Stacks are routed to, no Global Stack.

Ok @musicullum, now it’s clear to me that… it wasn’t completely clear!!! :smiley:

My problem arises precisely from the need to have a Global Effect (dependent on the gain) to be used in Pre-Fader and at the same time a Stack which however cannot be Global as already fully explained.

It is my understanding that there is currently no way to achieve this and I hope we may have a way to achieve this soon. :frowning:

On the contrary, I had already identified a possible correct solution when the Global Effect is to be applied Post-Fader with respect to the Stack, a solution based on the Group channel as confirmed by you. :slight_smile:

Question: but is unthinkable a Stack that takes as input the signal coming from a Global Stack?

No, will be possible.

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That makes all the sense in the world, would love to be able to route globals to specific stacks

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Hi @musicullum,

even if not in the way I imagined, with the introduction of Virtual Audio ports in VL I am now able to realize what was the routing hypothesis underlying my post. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your consideration and support. :blush:

That was the idea :slight_smile:

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