A staff on which notes can't be entered?

Sorry to be back again with another problem.
I imported an xml which has worked perfectly well (as far as I can see so far) except for one thing.
Dorico has received the bracketed harp staves correctly but I can’t enter or paste notes on the lower staff.
This pic shows that the first bar (lower staff) contains a rest. Thereafter there are no rests in the part. No matter how hard I try I can’t enter a note on it. I can’t find any setting that might change it.

One possible solution might be to add a new staff above the ‘offending’ one and make it into a group with the harp. Whether I’ll be able to delete the bad one I don’t yet know. But this has happened before (thankfully when I didn’t need the staff. If there’s a simple solution, pray tell and thank you indeed.

I think we’d need to inspect the actual document, but at worst, you could just create a new Harp and paste the contents in, then delete the problematic harp.

It looks as though there’s only a single voice across that two-staff instrument - this is something that occasionally creeps in with MusicXML that’s very difficult (and sometimes impossible) to rectify in the existing instrument.

It’s probably simplest to create a new harp instrument and copy all the existing material from the old harp staves to the new harp staves, then delete the old instrument.

If you still have missing rests, grab the first visible thing after the missing rests and turn off its Starts Voice property, or grab the last visible note/rest before the missing rests and turn off its Ends Voice property.

Thank you for your responses. Creating a new part/player does sound like the best solution. I’ll (obviously) “save the file as” something else to try it out…just in case, while I’m still building up confidence!
Again, thanks.