A strange problem with rendering parts of a file

I could not reproduce so far.
This kind of problem can’t be related to the audio card.

Maybe WaveLab is losing track of the audio selection, in your case. Try this next time: press Escape key to remove the selection, then Escape key again, to set it. Does it work then?

How long are your audio selections, generally? (when the problem happens)

I will try that.

Most noise reduction processing is 3 to 4 minutes. The main file is 60 + minute long.

Yesterday my PC computer crashed big time. For some unknown reason it decided that my main hard drive was no longer first in the boot list and would not start up. I am suspecting the CMOS battery needs changing. My computer has been running fine UNTIL this happened. If I use WL then it seems to have problems. The biggest problem is when it just stops working or crashes and does its studdering routine where it just repeats a +/- 1 second phrase and then crashes. It seems worse with Plugins from Nugen and FAB. I have run every test I can think of on the memory and the windows installation and no problems found. WL seems to be the one thing that upsets the computer. I downloaded the 8.5.3 update and ran it again thinking that my install was corrupt. I have trashed all my preference in WL. I am running out of ideas. I know WL has, in the past, had problems with certain plugins but this is really really starting to upset me in a big way since I am knee deep in lots of work. From reading on the WL forum I see I am not alone in what is happening.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks for the ones you have already given.

for the stutter, try different buffer settings ? (wavelab, rme, or both).
i’m not sure if the rme buffer settings will remain the same if you adjust them on the xp and win 7 partitions. I guess they would adjust separately, so you don’t affect your wavelab 6 rme setup.
maybe put in a support case with steinberg ?