A strange visibility bug

I have started a project within a template had devided the project window today I have launched the project and the main playlist is missing.
How do we bring it back? I only see the top part but not the main playlist.

I switched betwen workspaces and it brought back other tracks from project window. Weird


If I understand you correctly, by the “main playlist”, you mean the bottom part of the Divided Track List, right?

You should learn the Cubase language. You are making lots of very unclear posts, just because you are talking other but Cubase language (you are not using Cubase terminology, so we don’t know, what you are talking about).

So if I understand your issue correctly, I would just resize the Project window to force the redraw.

I don’t understand you, you say you don’t understand what I am saying becasue I have not used Cubase terminology, you know what I am talking about. Not sure what is this all about? Playlist or whatever Cubase calls it is the same thing. Cubase doesn’t even make it clear what it is whitin its own software, if it does then please show me where, becasue it is not clear.

I do not know if this would work but using workspace shortcut brought it back.

By the way the parf of the “project window” I am reffering to is called “playlist” everywhere. I don’t see any reason why cubase is omiting that part form its terminology.

Where did you learn that? Cubase doesn’t have anything called “playlist” and the equivalent of of the Playlist in Protools would be Track Versions in Cubase.

So how do you call individual parts in project window?

Does this help?

Perhaps you’re thinking of “Track list”?

Track list is a list with all the tracks. Playlist is playlist where you have all the events playing. I think it is very simple terminology that has worked for very long time. This is not a project window. Project window includes track list, playlist, the mixer, inspector, etc. Playlist is not a project window. Cubase should probably update the terminology.

Again, where did you learn that. I have never heard any part of a project window, in any DAW, being called “playlist”.
This is a playlist:

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You don’t know becasue you only use Cubase. That is a playlist in a player.

You sound confused. Perhaps it is a language barrier. What you’re describing is not called playlist in any DAW I’m aware of, which is why I keep asking where you got that terminology from. But you refuse to answer.
Either way, there is no “playlist” in Cubase (or in Protools for that matter). I believe what you’re trying to describe is called Event Display.

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FL Studio calls it playlist.

Ok great, show me where in Cubase software it is called Event Display. I have never seen it.

Sure, no problem.

PS. You know you can check the manual yourself, right?

Yeah sure, Martin earlier called it “track list”. And you telling me to check the manual.

I am talking about the software so what it is written in manual you don’t have it written in the software itself.

Martin probably did not know what you were referring to as there is nothing called “playlist” in Cubase.

Yes. It makes it so much easier if we all use the same lingo.
But whatever dude. You do you.
Peace out!