A strong request for creating groups wherever one is.

Would be really nice


I request this once per year; hopefully we get it soon.

  • another. And not for the first time.

Of all the improvements that get suggested repeatedly in this place, this is probably the one which would have the greatest positive impact on my workflow.

+1 I just posted a topic with a.o. this feature request :slight_smile: Moreover, I would like to be able to freely move around any track in the mixer by simple drag & drop

+1 for the OP’s point and another +1 for the track movement in the mixer request.

This does get tedious with large projects - especially since they added a hotkey for us to be able to add a Group to the selected channels. If we add a Group to a series of selected channels, chances are we want the Group right there :wink:


a strong +1 for free organization in the project window.

Especialy when you have to care tracks by scrool them through slow cubase movement. If I compare it to prootols there moves everything much faster and smoother. 1+

so there is no way to create groups in cubase 8 ?

of course you can make group tracks and funnel several tracks through them. but it would indeed be easier when you select a couple of tracks, hit ‘add group channel to selected tracks’ and the group track would appear right next to the source tracks in the mixer

thnx but i cant root midi channels to the groups i can oniy root a midi library like halionsonic or groove agent

Another +1, and again not for the first time. This is a major time-suck on large projects.

In fact, I’d like this command available:

Route Selected Tracks To New Group Track & Place All in New Folder.



came here to post about this…please!

The simple thing would be for Cubase to create a new track of any type wherever the vertical cursor is.

OR to have a drop down menu (as in Adobe Creative Suite) whenever creating a new track which reads (create new track: After Current Track, Before Current Track, At End Of CPR, At Top of CPR).