A stupid question about midi control

I’m currently looking into which usb midi controller to buy and have not been able to ascertain if the CC121 (for instance) can be assigned to control volume/expression…etc in cubase, can it?

also if i control CC11 from a midi controller is that instruction written to the project or is it just for live play, if it doesn’t write it to the project there seems to be no pint in getting one, may as well draw it in…

if this is stupid stuff please accept my apologies…been getting a bit confused with this stuff lately…

thanks, Kevin

First question: If you can assign it to a quick control, the CC121 can control it.
Second question: You can record any midi CC in Cubase

its not a stupid question but just means you know little about midi.

with cubase you will be able to record any midi parameters you wish. volume and expression is very simple to record its just a matter of

1 you device output sends the signal

2 your daw is receiving signal and recording it…

in this case the SB device can do it.

in cubase you need to make sure nothing stops your signal like a preference filter.

Thank you both very much, I’m not much of a tech person and wanted be sure before I bought a midi controller,
If I could ask another question please…if it is a usb device how is it a MIDI controller? and i assume that these controls can be used after recording…lets say strings, to adjust volume etc, or must it be done during the playing of said strings?
once again , please excuse my ignorance…
and is the cc121 a little long in the tooth now? is there better? I’m looking at the Novation Launchkey 49…it says it maps to all major DAWs via incontrol technology…(dunno what that is at the mo) but sounds like it’s got it goin on… :slight_smile: or the M-audio Oxygen 49

thank you, Kevin :slight_smile:

MIDI is the data on the wire. Historically, that “wire” has been the circular DIN connector you’re used to seeing, but it is only a form factor and, in all honesty, has nothing to do with MIDI itself.

@Shadowfax - heads up; if you’re not too techie - avoid the launchkey, it’s Cubase control is average to bad - it was clearly designed for AL9 in mind. I have one - not impressed at all with Cubase config.

Me thinks we have in the makings a “Knob Turner!!!”

thanks for the info mate…I’ll scrub it off the list…I’m not looking to control cubase…just volume/expression etc on strings mainly…

dunno bout that, just wanna control volume/expression etc on strings mainly…

got no idea what your talking about foolomon… :blush: :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I’d call it long in the tooth, but when I went for controllers I opted instead for the CMC series and I have to say I really love them. I have the TP, FD, QC and CH versions. I’d also bought the case that I could put them in but eventually decided I liked it better to just connect two on the left and two on the right of my computer keyboard.

Beyond my enjoyment of the physical flexibility and small footprint, the integration with Cubase is intuitive and in most cases automatic. You just plug it in and it works.

Everyone’s style and taste differs, so there’s no one setup that’s perfect for everyone. That said, if you haven’t spent your money yet, I’d take the time to hit YouTube and look at some of the CMC series videos. For my personal taste, they’re the best and most tightly integrated controller solution I’ve seen. Not sure if it will appeal to your sensibilities, but they’re definitely worth a look.

MIDI is the data itself, kinda like a Word document. A Word document is a file on your hard drive in a certain format.

It doesn’t matter if you create the Word document using Microsoft Word 2010, Open Office, Office 365, etc. In the end you get a Word document.

MIDI is the same. It doesn’t matter if you have the 5 pin DIN cable that traditionally connected MIDI devices or a USB cable. In the end you get MIDI data to and from the computer.

Does this help?

Hi, have’t spent any money yet and am gonna look at what you are suggesting…is there one in particular that deals with controlling volume/expression and suchlike through the quick controls…all I wanna do really is control strings and stuff,
I’ve got a midi keyboard already so just a controller would be good…

off to take a look now.

thanks, Kevin

Yes, thank you, Kevin :slight_smile:

So it seems the CMC series is just what I need…the QC module is perfect and with hindsight I think the title of my thread was a little misleading:oops:

thanks to everyone :slight_smile: