A suggestion about Galley view with regard to labels for instrument doublings

I find that the light blue type on the left-hand side of Galley view is hard to read – and I do all my Dorico work on a quite large screen.

The problem I have is not so much with the color (though I don’t think it the best choice) but the thickness of the letters.

It seems to me that that principal instrument should be in Bold, i.e.:
Bassoon 1
but if Bassoon 2 doubles Contra, the two Galley View labels should look like this:
Bassoon 2 & Contrabassoon: Bassoon 2
Bassoon 2 & Contrabassoon: Contrabassoon

As it is, it’s far too easy to enter things in the wrong line – maybe it’s just my ageing eyeballs, but that sans serif, light blue font in a point size that looks to be almost half that of the measure numbers above every staff is just hard to read.


I agree. They are so hard for me to read I don’t use Galley View. You can change the size, etc. in Paragraph Styles > Galley View Margin Labels.

I use Galley View frequently so thank you so much for showing how to change this size! And thanks to Dorico’s designers for making this so easy to change.


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