(a suggestion) automatic selection of the button of "Notations Toolbox"?


is it possible automatically to select the appropriate button in “Notations Toolbox” panel by pressing popover command?
Currently, pressing “SHIFT+t” invokes “Create Tempo” popover only without the changing “Notations Toolbox”. Thus, I should click the Tempo button in the Notation Toolbox when working further with this tool successively.

However, if pressing “SHIFT+t” invokes “Create Tempo” popover with moving the Toolbox panel to Tempo toolbox, I do not need to click the button. It will be especially helpful to Dorico newbie, I guess.

I do not find an option in preference for this.
What do you think about this? Will it be helpful?

I see the popovers and the right panel as two different methods to achieve the same result. You don’t need to type Shift+T to use the Tempos panel, and you don’t need the Tempo panel to successfully use the Shift+T popover. In many cases, if you hold the mouse pointer over a button in the right panel, it tells you what you need to type into the popover.

From my point of view, this is the right way round - it uses the slow way to teach you the quick way.

Most of the time, working on a laptop, I have the right panel closed. If I’m putting in jazz articulations or playing techniques (where I’m less familiar with the popovers), I do have the right panel open. If I think “ooh I’ll just put in a double barline here” then I type Shift+B || Enter. I don’t want to be taken away from the jazz articulations panel - in fact, I want it to remain there to remind me that that was what I was doing before I got sidetracked!

I’m far from a newbie, but for continued efficient use for established users I’d want any implementation of your idea to be a general preference, not a permanent change.

I think the Jazz articulation or playing technique you selected will not be affected even if my suggestion is implemented.

Let me please explain more details of my idea:
I only worked approximately 5 arrangements using Dorico. At the beginning (in last winter), I pressed CMD+7, CMD+8 and CMD+9 to see each panel, but now I prefer invoking all panels simultaneously by press CMD+0 when I need panels. Would it be convenient if the right panel is synchronised to the last popover?

We need to press only two key commands without moving mouse pointer.

  • to see ornaments panel: “SHIFT+o”, then CMD+0 (or CMD+9).
  • to see playing techniques: “SHIFT+p”, then CMD+0 (or CMD+9).

We don’t have any plans along these lines. If you want to use the panel, then you’ll be using the mouse anyway. Opening the panel when you type the shortcut for the corresponding popover won’t help you, because as soon as you click on anything in the panel, the popover will close. You would be better off simply clicking the item in the panel if that’s what what you intend to use.

Ah! it is true! Thanks for letting me know it.