A suggestion on audio routing

Hello,lately i’ve been working with Ad2 by xln audio and wanted to route the different outputs to individual audio tracks to manipulate audio later on (as if i recorded the drums “live”) . and i’ve come to find that it’s impossible to do so in cubase . this is really unfortunate because there are things that are impossible to do without cutting the actual waveform ( glitch hop genre for example).i know that this is possible in other daws and im really in love with cubase already so i’m suggesting adding this in cubase 12 or next update . I would like to hear a response on that topic on your behalf thank you :slight_smile:

This is not true…
AD2 supports multiple outputs so as Cubase does, you need to activate the additional outputs.

Hello you have to enable the multiple outputs of Ad2 press F11 to bring up the virtual instruments rack, in correspondence of Ad2, at the top right there is a small arrow. select it and enable the outs you need. go to ad2 and assign the outputs for each piece of the battery.

This is already preselected, at least on my try I did some minutes ago…

I have to correct myself, it’s only labeled… you have to activate the outputs for each drum set

I have been using ad2 for a while now and it has always worked for me

Nobody said it isn’t working, or do I misunderstand something?

i do have the multiple outputs .
i want to route each output to an audio track,so i can record it and have actual wave files . i cant route an output to my audio track that’s the case. if i want to do it i have to record the midi and later on to export the audio into multiple tracks and paste it back to the project . it’s too much actions

It took me 3 min to do this… all done inside the projekt
without leaving Cubase…

Maybe you should read the manual on how to do this…

Ok i see,you are totally right.
thank you,still learning and i couldn’t find the right answer myself.
You can disregard my main message

Where are you from?
Your English isn’t the best… maybe the German part of the forum is a better place to ask, next time.

Ok … thank you very much for the unrequested feedback on my english skills and im not german either .
have a wonderful day

I just asked…