A suggestion re: adding players (and their instruments) from another flow to a different flow in the same session!

The fastest way I can figure out to add an existing orchestral instrumentation to a flow I’ve added to a Dorico session that LACKS that instrumentation is to import the flow with the desired instrumentation (players); select the flow to which I wish to ADD this instrumentation in Setup Mode; and then click on each player (and their instruments) I want to add, one by one (since, of course, ALL players for all Flows appear there, etc.). However, this is excruciatingly slow since I have to wait for a notably long pause after clicking on each individual player, one by one.

I know you’ll be adding the ability to more easily save/load existing templates, etc., etc. But I just wanted to suggest that even at the least it would be helpful if I could simply select all the players I wished to add at once (sorry if this has already been suggested). Right now once I try doing this (by holding shift down and clicking to the bottom of the desired instruments list in Setup), it doesn’t work (of course). This alone would be a tremendous time saver (my two cents!)
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  • D.D.

I thought you could select a bunch of players and then click the box of the flow you want to add them to.
I could be wrong, but I think I’ve done exactly that before.

Are you selecting a bunch of players first and then adding them to a flow or the other way around (selecting a flow and then players to add)?

I was doing the latter but will definitely try the former when I’m back in front of my computer for sure and see if it works!
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