A summing buss of gearslutz!

http://audiogeekzine.com/2009/06/you-dont-have-to-go-to-gearslutz-anymore-i-have-it-all-summed-up-in-one-post/ :laughing:

love this one!!

  1. There is no gear – NONE – worse than Mackie. Mackie is worse than late 80′s Nady gear. The HR824′s woofers are made of goat dung and the tweeters are made from the severed wings of demon locusts, and to dare use anything with a Mackie pre will summon brutish beasts from Netherworld who will feast on the souls of your family.

Very funny! He forgot
34. Use your ears.

You could probably do a similar analysis about KVR, except I’ll wager it would be much dumber.

epic, this sounds very familiar :smiley:
I never read the high-end forums though, for this exact reason.

That was hilarious!

I see all the time those types around GS. I don´t mind them. Gear wars are for kiddies. Plus GS has a lot of subforums i never bother to go there.

HiLarryUs. :laughing:

That one made my day !


love it !