A tad Finale flair in Dorico ;-)

Now that we can choose the background color if anyone is missing some of the typical Finale flair here are the values for the Finale default background colors:
RGB: 253, 252, 239
HTML: #fdfcef


Finale Flair.jpg

Now if only the Dorico team could tweak the UI so it looked more like 1995!

Oh my gosh - please don’t… :wink:
The GUI could still be developed but it doesn’t has to be in this way… :laughing:

I must confess that this past year, after not having touched finale for a decade, I downloaded the trial because I was interested in the medieval plugin. I was shocked to see that the interface was almost identical to when I had last used it a decade prior. Nothing wrong with continuity, but wow was I… intrigued… that no progress had been made in the refinement of the UI in all that time. I felt like I should have just left my old 2007 edition installed because nothing had changed. It gave me the same horrible feeling I get whenever I accidentally stumble on one of those old websites from 1995 on the internet that for some reason is still cached somewhere.

Yep. Oh and by the way, condolences on using the Medieval plugin.

It’s beautiful, truly. But so painful to use with Finale. I can’t wait until Dorico introduces native support for neumes…

I never bit the bullet. I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I hated interacting with finale so much. I couldn’t even get all the way through the trial.

It’s a niche product, and a lot of work, I understand, but she’s not a cheap plug-in.

I can. :laughing: “Proper” Plainsong is so different in the way that the notes are spaced and understood that Dorico would have to have an entirely separate Gregorian personality.
There are some websites that create computer generated plainsong as graphics, which I use when I need a snippet between polyphonic sections. I also have an Illustrator template where I can just add the neumes to a staff.

Otherwise, for simple reciting note and inflexion, I’ll use stemless notes with different noteheads.

Also, 1995? That’s generous.

I seem to recall a post from Daniel saying that neume notation was not in the pipeline. I may be wrong…

Mercifully for me, you are mistaken. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=101362. That said, I still predict we are years off before this comes to fruition. Boy, do I eagerly await the day though… :unamused:

I’ve switched to Finale flair. Now all we need is a bit of Sibelian parchment texture and we have the best of two different programmes in one!