A tale of two grace period upgrades

More people take pictures than “make beats”, that’s for sure. That’s why when OnOne released their new Photo Suite 8 they were prepared. I was one of the lucky ones that purchased Photo Suite 7 at just the right time to be eligible for their grace period free upgrade. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Not as large a download as Cubase 7.5, OnOne Photo Suite 8 is still a hefty 500+mb chunk of data. How did it go? Flawlessly. The first time. No multiple tries and subsequent failures; their server just worked right the first time. So many Adobe customers are fed up with how Adobe has been treating them that OnOne is actively and aggressively positioning themselves as an alternative to Adobe and, by all accounts, they are very close to succeeding.

I was lucky enough to fall into the Steinberg grace period by about a week. I’ve lost count of the unsuccessful attempts to download Cubase 7.5.

Nuff said.

If you already ran maintenance in your dongle, and the license was updated, did you try downloading the full iso from the downloads area?

I used my grace period also, and after some failed downloads I was able to download it.

With the full iso available, i downloaded it just as a back up and the download went fine.

I’m trying again, an overnighter. I don’t expect anything different. Glad it worked for you. My point above is there is a way for Steinberg to mitigate all this nonsense, the same way other companies do by insuring server resources are available, but they willfully refuse to address it. Everything they do seems to be as if their customers are adversaries. Maybe its a German thing, I just don’t know anymore.