A teacher please....

I’ve had some lessons and have learned a lot but my teacher doesn’t have V6 and so I need a new teacher. So far I’ve learned successfully via Skype but in a world of Mac/Logic users a teacher so hard to find.

Someone who knows their way around who can help when I get stuck would be so great. Glad to pay for lessons - (until now £20 per hour).

Please don’t suggest online tutorials and manuals - I really stuggle with them.

Kate :slight_smile:

Most members here are more than willing to help you out with any problems you may face, completely free :wink:.
If that’s not enough though, I would suggest you at least mention what genre of music you’re into, what third party software you use, what instruments you are trying to record etc.
We all know the Cubase basics but someone who uses it in much the same way you want to can be much more helpful!

It sounds like an good idea, with skype and the latest screen sharing programs it would work very well - all except for the quality of the sound… Which would probably rule out EQing, applying fx and mixing.

There have been a few times way back when I’ve needed help, and fortunately I’ve either worked it out myself, phoned a friend or I’ve learned from sitting in on someone’s studio session. Or reading the manual I suppose! When I found the forum it was very useful, and one can get help quite quickly on most things. There is a wealth of interesting information and I browse regularly!


Thanks for your kind responses.
I’ve had a couple of private messages and there is an an online learning thing - Berklee - anyone now about them?

Anyway - it’s great to know I can ask questions and yes sound quality isn’t great but I can e-mail files if necessary etc.

I probably won’t be a top notch producer but I’ve got a head full of music and I’ll make demos hopefully. :smiley:

What sort of level are you at? How many lessons have you had?

Are you just new to Cubase or completely new to everything involved with recording?

I can record and edit midi and audio, mix a bit and export an mp3 file. I recently bought band in a box to import their midi loops etc. There is loads more I don’t know when I hear astounding music I wonder how they did that!
I’m not a musician but I can invent an original tune - I just need to get more fluent at it.

I’ve learned from a teacher and from the Simon Milward books but there are lots of gaps and - basically I keep getting stuck and I need to demonstrate via skpye what my problem is. I’m not very teccy so I have to overcome my fear of computers first!

What about going on a course? There are various places that offer “learn X” courses for small groups of people.

The guy to talk to is Andrew Schravemade who does product training for Steinberg.

He’s on Twitter as @andyschrav

If you’re in London he may even offer to teach you himself!

Is there another way to reach him?

This is the way to go, it will start you at beginning and take you to advanced all while giving you projects to work with…I’ve used these since cubase 4 and Kontakt 3
Online Software, Workflow, & Production Courses by AskVideo.com


You mentioned the Simon Millward books - do you have the very latest one, Fast Guide to Cubase 6?


If not, I’d suggest buying it.

If I were teaching a university class on C6, I’d use the Millward book as the textbook. It’s far and away the best aftermarket manual available (and I have read all of them). Clear, easy-to-read, yet so thorough. It also includes several non-DAW specific tutorial sections (the EQ curve maps in particular are a fantastic reference, even for old coots like me.)

So maybe you don’t need a tutor? Just start at chapter one of the Fast Guide, read it slowly, and try out each example. Write in the margins too! And use a highlighter pen! (That’s what I did… just like back in college :slight_smile:.

Seriously, it’s such a good book. Whenever I recommend Cubase to new engineers, I always hand them this book. Steinberg should include it with the software (or at least offer it in as an add-on).


P.S. Are you in the UK? If so, maybe you can contact Simon and see if he’s doing any local Cubase seminars.

Hello Kate!


Thanks again. I got Simon Milward for V4 then upgraded to V6 and bought the new book - I need to revise some chapters as it’s different now. I did read very page, made notes etc but kept getting stuck -that’s when the teacher was useful. I also find I have more motivation when there is a teacher around.
The askvideo thing look interesting thanks.

Hello Laurence - I’d still like to get your feedback on my music (if it’s on offer) but I do prefer the Skype/teamviewer learning thing.


If you want feedback on music that’s easy, just post a song in the ‘made with Cubase’ subforum and watch us tear it apart :wink:
Kidding aside, if you need feedback that’s what the made with Cubase forum is for, plenty of knowledgable people around there to push your song in the right direction.

Fair enough. I’d just point out that I’ve sorted out a few problems for you already, and each time it’s been done by me having the same project functioning on MY computer, not by looking at a picture of yours!

Thanks Strophoid - I may well do that. I’ve got some music online already but as I get more proficient I can hear where improvement is needed.
As for a critique of the music as composition my best judges will be people who know nothing who either respond well or not… Currently people start talking early during one of my peices - not that gripping then is it! :laughing:

Hi Kate

I just posted this in the Music Lounge
Hope this helps you:

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If you are good with Cubase and want to offer your time helping others check this out and send in a request to be included.

Thank you. Interesting that $20 is the going rate.