A teaser (?)

I’ve got this guitar track with a lot of string noise, which I’ve given up trying to get rid of, so I’ve decided to record it as two tracks, one for each chord.

Now, I think I’m going to end up doing this with each track playing just the needed bit but (not having thought of the obvious first!) so far I’ve got a track with one chord throughout, which I was hoping to duck out when the other track played the chord change, i.e.:

Track 1: constant F (to keep the rhythm going)
Track 2: occasional G as required, sent (via aux) to side-chain of inserted effect on Track 1.

I want Track 2 to cause Track 1 to duck out completely. I’ve only got native plugins available but couldn’t get the compressor to go down to inf and can’t see anything else to do it. It seems like it should be possible but can’t see the way.

Any ideas?


PS: I know in this case I might be better off doing it another way but I want to know how to do it anyway.

You should be able to do it using the “Gate” plugin.

Oven mitts. :wink: :mrgreen:

Chop it up and use the Mute Tool on the un-wanted bits.

That’s what I though but I couldn’t get it close on getting the sidechain signal, just open.

I was trying to avoid this. However, I have chopped T2, dropped it into an empty lane on T1 and x-faded. I’m very impressed with the new comping facilities and x-fading was doddle. It’s kinda worked, although I’d have to check every x-fade to be sure, but the main problem is that the two chords don’t sound part of the same take.

Thanks for your suggestions. lol to the other contributions! :smiley:


String Ease is another solution to the string noise, that or round wounds.

As far as the difference, it’s good to be concious of your attack on the different parts.

aaah you might be right.
Silly workaround time : Duplicate the track that has the continuous chord.
Flip the phase of the new duplicated track, in the mixer, and insert one gate into just the duplicated track.

Set up the gate as you did before, so it goes “open” when it gets a sidechain signal.
Weird, but should work !!

Ok, that works. Now I’m going to go away and work out why…

Thanks, C :open_mouth:

Identical opposites cancel.

Shame the gate doesn’t have a duck button!

lol, that’s a very creative workaround :laughing:

Sure is. Hats off and I never said thank you properly.

No problem. Can’t resist a teaser !!
Crotchety - could be a decent feature request if you fancy posting a new topic … on many plugins it could be handy to be able to reverse the sidechain action…

Yep, good advice, will re-record when I’m happy it’s going to work.

Not really; they’ve probably got their hands full at the moment anyway. Besides, if there had been an easy way I wouldn’t have discovered the insightful and informative way. Same goes for mid-side plugins.

Cheers, C :smiley: