“A tempo” as Gradual Tempo Indication


I usually like gradual tempo indications (“rit.,” “rall.,” “accell.,” etc.) to appear in italic, not-bold type. This is easy enough to set up in Dorico, but the “A tempo” indication seems to be considered an “immediate tempo,” and so still shows up in the bold type of regular tempo indications. Is there any way to get Dorico to consider “A tempo” to be a gradual tempo indication?

Julian Bennett Holmes

I’m afraid there’s at present no way to do this, Julian. It’s a bit of a pain, but you should be able to set up a paragraph style in Engrave > Paragraph Styles that matches the look of the ‘Gradual tempo text font’ font style and then insert some text that looks the same.

Thanks for your response! This makes sense — I assume this text would be added as “Shift-X” text?
The main issue I foresee is that this wouldn’t be picked up by the playback engine presumably…

Yes, that’s correct. Unfortunately you can’t hide a “real” tempo indication at the moment, which is something else that we also need to do, so you would have to live without correct playback at present.

Yep — that’s how I would solve something like this in Finale.