"a tempo" marking in tempo track

I noticed that my file shows “a tempo” marking as q=120 in the tempo track in play mode. It plays back at the starting tempo (q=47), even though it visually looks like q=120. Does this mean that my file is corrupted or is it intended behaviour?

You will probably need to post a snippet of the Dorico program file that demonstrates the problem before anyone can help diagnose it for you.

Here is a file that demonstrates the problem:

a tempo problem.dorico (357.6 KB)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. add tempo marking at the beginning of the piece (for example q=47)
  2. add “a tempo” marking somewhere
  3. draw a line to the tempo track from the beginning of the piece (accelerando or decresendo)
  4. “a tempo” will play back in q=47 but look like q=120 in the tempo track

Yes, I think the issue is that the display in the Time track in Play mode doesn’t cope very well with both an immediate tempo and the start of a gradual tempo at the same position, with the result that when it draws the value for the “a tempo” instruction, it’s finding the default tempo and not the tempo associated with the immediate tempo item at the start of the flow. This doesn’t happen if you e.g. delay the start of your gradual tempo change by even a tiny amount, e.g. an 8th note or a 16th note, so for the time being that’s what I would recommend.

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Thank you! I thought that something like that must be happening.

I actually just wanted to report this tiny bug so that it could be fixed in a future version. At first it was not obvious to me where the problem was, because the ”a tempo” marking was so far away from the beginning of the score.