A thoughtful Thank you

To :
Lindsay Warner in Toronto…
On phone and online support very much appreciated.
Have a great YEAR Steinberg

Lindsay is the best…did he have you log onto an internet page, where he then took control of your computer?
Steinberg Canada Rocks!!


Even tho’ I have been on Maui for 13 years now, I still deal with Steinberg Canada
after all these years. They are the best. And have been for a looooong time.

T.O Steinberg rocks!!!

Thanks for posting this positive feedback.

I’ve never used online or phone support from Steinberg myself (except this forum, of course), but it’s good to hear it works for you (and others)! :slight_smile:

mentioned that I would like him to enter my pc and make sure everything was there… C5…
but was told they don’t have technology for that as of yet…
It would be nice if they could enter and make sure all I’ve paid for is there…

" Just a thought "

I’ve had to deal with Steinberg phone support a couple times – once for a broken dongle – and they’ve always been friendly and helpful. I don’t understand what all the complaining you always hear is about, really