A tiny thing that would help my workflow (selecting a playback starting position)

I will often listen back to specific parts of a work, as I’m sure we all do. I’m well aware of shift+space to start where you last had it, but a lot of times I want to place the playhead somewhere else. So I usually click and then press P. But in big orchestral scores when I’m zoomed out, it’s hard to click a teeny, tiny little barline or a teeny, tiny little quarter note to select where I want the playhead to be. So I often have to zoom in which is a little annoying.

Is there an obvious workflow solution I’m missing? I know I can select a measure by clicking anywhere inside it, but that will of course “solo” the instrument when I do that.


Click somewhere with shift+alt pressed: this will only select 1 thing instead of possibly multiple things, so that it won’t solo an instrument when you press ‘p’.

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Another way to place the playhead is by clicking in the ruler in the Key Editor. You can then start playback by hitting Space and it will go from the playhead position.

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is the key editor only available in play mode? i’m in write mode 99% of the time

The key editor is there (or can be) in the bottom pane of write mode.

… One thing that would be cool though - is if the Markers panel could have a “Play from Marker” functionality of some kind. As was mentioned, the focus when you are writing/editing changes the location of “p” for playback - in a way that you might not wish.

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