A tip for exporting media project from Cubase

Hey all,

Something I found out today. If you have a track in Cubase which tempo wise, is all over the place, and you have smoothed them out in the cubase project (the detect tempo first, then audio - advanced - set definition from tempo - write to audio files… or something like that) to be solid tempo. If you intend to use in VST live, multi export the audio tracks into a separate folder first and only export the arrangement, tempo, signature etc (anything other than audio) as a media project.

Then in VST live, import the media project, then after audio from that separate folder after.

Reason being, if you export the media project with audio, the tempos will not be solid and so it will drift from the metronome/timeline.

I guess this is more to do with how Cubase exports the audio files in a media project?

VST Live does not support timestretch yet. If you work with stretched audio (“Audio Warp”), you will need to render (export) the stretched audio tracks as you described. If not, the “off the shelf” method works fine.

Forgive my ignorance, but what does the Off The Shelf method entail?

It means that as long as no stretching is involved, it should import and work with the copied audio files just fine.