A tip if you suffer with ASIO spikes, it MIGHT help if you're using Supervision

A tip for those who use Supervision in Cubase 12 and you are experiencing ASIO spiking.

Inside all individual meters of Supervision there’s a little button in the preference to either make the meters sample accurate or give you audio performance, make sure this light is on (blue) for audio performance and you will see a dramatic drop in you asio meter and potentially stop your ASIo meter spiking

Hope this helps


Aha! Finally found the source of your supervision questioning around the forum lately! Nice tip, good to know.

Yep , ive only stumbled on this while setting up Supervision and it really does make a lot of difference to Audio performances and Asio peaks , so if your using on individual channels it soon adds up

This is indeed a great suggestion, and I promptly checked my Supervision settings. They were all set to “audio performance”, and I don’t remember ever changing it one way or another, so that just might be the default anyway.

I think the default is ‘audio’ but you can see for yourself how much difference switching to ‘sample’ makes on certain meters, so if you see your meters running super fine instead of refreshing slower that could be contributing to the spikes