A trial For Nuendo 7 ?

Hi Where can i download a demo trial for version 7 ? Pls let me know


we are currently still working on a trial version. According to the current status it will be available
sometime end of July.


Hi Thank you for your reply. I am looking to upgrade to Nuendo 7. But I am stuck between compatibility between protools. I am an FX editor. I would like to know if the surround panner automation in Nuendo is transferable to protools via the AAF ? Currently I am on nuendo Version 5.5 and the surround pan automation is not transferable. So I switched to protools a few years ago as most of the studios I work with are on protools. After seeing all the developments at steinberg I would love to switch back, if the compatibility between protools and nuendo is any better.

Pls let me know about this. Also if you can pls suggest a workflow which might be useful for going back and forth between protools and nuendo with surround an automation that would be wonderful !!

I’m afraid there is no way to transfer surround panner automation to PT.


So How do you guys collaborate with PT editors ? Can you pls throw some limelight on this ?

A heads-up for Timo…

The Yamaha Europe page is advertising a crossgrade from PT - which is great - but they also have a dead link to the non existent N7 trial

OMF, AAF, AA Translator.
It is very seldom that automations needs to be transferred.
Actually, most mixers/editors remove the automation that comes with receiving a project, because it is hard to inherit a mix project from someone else. Most of us prefer to start with a clean slate.
If anything needs to be transferred, its dialog edit, FX cutting, ADR, Foley recording, music drop, premixes, …
These projects have no automation, and these go to the last person in the chain, which is the mixer.
So the times automations needs to be transferred are rare.


Hello, guys! :slight_smile: So, what’s going to be different for the trial compared to fully functinal Nuendo 7?
I hope, I would be able to test every single feature.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

When exporting an OMF from Nuendo or CB 8, i keep getting the dreaded 32 bit error message. This means i must go back to my session and delete all fades, elastic audio etc…a real workflow killer.

Any suggestions ? thx

Any update on when the trial will be available?


Where is it?

I’ve seen it … 3rd crater to the left on jupiter moon Callisto.
Nearer is the Steinberg News page, though.

Got it :smiley: