A tricky Key Switch problem

I’m trying to figure out how to best setup an Expression Map for a VSTi with keyswitches that don’t behave like most that I’ve run into.

There are 4 articulations that can be selected via keyswitches. Let’s call those Art1 thru Art4 and KS1 to KS4. When using these switches they behave as expected - hit KS1 and Art1 plays until you hit another like KS3 and Art3 plays, etc.

However there is a fifth ‘baseline’ Articulation, call it Art0, that has no KS associated with it. Anytime Arts 1-4 are playing if you hit the KS for the currently playing articulation then the current Art turns off and Art0 plays.

So hitting the same KS repeatedly toggles between its assigned articulation and Art0. While hitting different keyswitches only once will select each keyswitches’ assigned articulation.

I can’t figure out how to reliably return to Art0 independent of the currently used articulation.


What VSTi is it? So you know some technical background how is the Art0 triggered in fact? Does it really count the incoming Notes In and if there 2 Bites In with the same Pitch, the Art 0 is called? Or does it wait for Note Out or Note In velocity 0?

It’s Misfit Fiddle from 8Dio. I’ve gotten a few instruments from them recently and they all seem to have some quirky element in their user interface. Kind of annoying & a disincentive to buying their stuff.

Simplifying a bit take the following articulations & key switches. All the switches execute when receiving a non-zero note-on.

Sustain - no keyswitch
Pizz - C0
Trem - D0

This sequence of keyswitches will cause the following to occur:
Starts with Sustain on by default
C0 Pizz turns on; Sustain turns off
C0 Pizz turns off; Sustain turns on (it’s like a toggle here)
C0 Pizz turns on; Sustain turns off
D0 Pizz turns off; Trem turns on
D0 Trem turns off; Sustain turns on


How exactly is the Pizz turn On and Pizz turn Off triggered, please? Is it triggered by C0 Note On or C0 Note Off?

What happens, if you try to send this sequence:

  • C0 On
  • C0 Off
  • D0 On
  • C0 Off (i.e. C0 volume 0)

Do you get Sustain On?

Do they have an Operation manual online? Could you send a link, please?

Like I said above only non-zero note-ons do anything.

For your sequence this is what happens

  • C0 On - Pizz turns on
  • C0 Off - nothing occurs
  • D0 On - Trem turns on Pizz turns off
  • C0 Off - nothing occurs

At this point Trem is left on.

In order to get back to Sustain it would take another D0 On which would turn Trem off and Sustain on.

If you send repeated note-on messages to the same keyswitch, its associated articulation will turn On, Off, On, Off, On, Off, etc.

Here’s the manual, although this thread may have more details than the manual.

FYI the legato mode can be controlled by cc which is what I’m using.


I was reading the manual. Wouldn’t it work so that you would just send Note On one of the “red” keys to switch back to Legato (Sustain)?

If only, they just control the ‘flavor’ of the Legato but they don’t turn Legato on.

Thanks for taking a look Martin. But this isn’t really worth spending more time on (especially yours). I was hoping there might be something clever that could be easily done in the Expression Maps. Oh well.

I think what I’ll do is just create two slots for each articulation. Like, Pizz On & Pizz Off - both would send a C0 Note-On so its more a reminder that articulations need to be explicitly turned off in this VSTi.


That sounds like a good solution to me.