A trip to the moon - an orchestral score

Hi, everyone! Long time lurker - first time poster. I mostly do commercial work for TV (jingles, jingles and more jingles), but a few days ago, I finished up a score for the 1902 sci-fi classic “Le Voyage dans la Lune” by Georges Méliès. What sort of started out as an excercise in orchestration soon veered off into its own thing, and I am more than a little proud of my efforts. Not because I view this as the “be-all and end-all” score for the film - that award probably goes to Air - but because it is the first work I have completed on my own time for many, many years.

I welcome any comments you may have, although I will be honest upfront and say that I probably will leave the work as it is for now. As you all know, the music we make can always be bettered in some way, but I personally feel that it is necessary to “commit to tape” at some point.

Instruments used are VSL Appassionata Strings I and II, VSL Opus I and II, and various instruments from NI Komplete 9. Reverb comes from 6 different instances of NI RC48 and several delays arranged in a manner way too convoluted to go into here :slight_smile: . The score also features the Musical Saw from Sampleism during the “Lunar exploration theme” appearing around the 7 minute mark.

So - here goes: 14 and a half minute of adventure, action, scantily clad women and monsters. I hope to evoke in you some of the same joy I had in working on this, but i will also settle for a simple pat on the back and a “Keep practicing, you’ll get there eventually” :wink: . I thank you in advance for your interest and patience: