"A Tune For Taylor"

I originally wrote this wee piano based pop-orchestral instrumental for my daughter… Way back in 2001! Now in 2014 in her last year of high school she tells me: “I was awarded “Academic Gold”, subject awards for: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths B & C, “Science Student Of The Year”, a Scholarship, Bursary and School Dux.”


A Tune For Taylor

Remixed it using NI “Alicia Keys Yamaha Piano”, Garritan Personal Orchestra, some samples and a drum loop.

Yeah… :slight_smile: a beautiful,creative and sensitive piece, very atmoshperic, nicely orchestrated and very smooth on my system (particularly the bass) thought it started to drift around a little after the 4 minute mark, but hey…being picky :blush:
you must be a very proud father :slight_smile:

was expecting a more euphoric celebratory kind of piece considering your daughters acomplishments :slight_smile: because this is rather sad…but nice :slight_smile:
hope you are well Ian, best from me, Kevin :slight_smile:

very nice ,has a tubular bells/watership down quality .congrats to your daughter.

Yes, I did like it, nice composition and performance.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know back in 2001 when I first composed this that she was gonna turn out to be so nerdy! :laughing:

So write here another piece mate!! :wink: :slight_smile: it’s a beautiful piece but it doesn’t fit the occasion :slight_smile: