A Very Simple Guide

Hi all,

I have to preface this with the warning that I’ have no idea what I’m talking about
My experience with audio swings violently from ‘I’ve got this figured out’ to ‘fcuk it in the face’

So any help would be greatly appreciated

My setup:
Two mics: ATR2100-USB (link below)
And recorded on audacity

A couple things: We hand hold the mics as they’re dynamic, and we’re under the impression they have to be approx. 3inches from your mouth. There’s so much ‘hand on mic’ noises recorded. Plus breathing sounds!

Clipping is a big problem too. If I turn us way down to prevent clipping is it compression I should use to bring the sound up?

Should I be recording each mic on separate tracks? We have two mics through the UR22, and I’ve got a bit of a booming voice, so it’d be nice to compress each mic’s recording separately. However I get a strange left-ear/right-ear playback when I try this. Atm we just record mixed together onto one mono track and hope that we’re about even. It’s not great and fails about as much as it succeeds.

On the UR22 there’s a headphone output. But if I plug in some headphones and deliberately boom so loud the audio clips, it still sounds perfect through the headphones. This means I can’t hear the distortion I’m supposed to be fixing? Any tips for me hear what’s being recorded better?

I think the solution here may be to just turn the inputs way down and pick up the volume using compression. Is that right? It can’t clip is it’s turned down? If so, whats the max dB I should be aiming for?

That’s about all of it. As you can see I don’t really know what i’m talking about,
I’ve taken a few stabs at lingo there if it wasn’t already obvious, but any help, complex or not, would be appreciated.

Thanks all.