A very special blog entry

There are few times in life when you get to realise a dream.

This is one of them.

Go and read all about it here: http://markonemusic.co.uk/newblog/?p=533



Very :sunglasses:


I know how good it must feel. Hold on to that as long as you can. :sunglasses:


Cool website! :sunglasses: Congratulations on the new CD release.



I’m going to be putting up some streaming clips this weekend - If I can wrestle the flash player XML code into submission! So you’ll actually be able to hear what it’s all about!

Just to let you know there are now a set of 90 second audio previews available here:



Samples aren’t playing Mark :frowning:

Which is odd. It works fine on safari on 3 computers, and across two different domains, one in the UK and routing via an Internet connection in France (my work)

Also on an ancient windows laptop running XP and IE…

Do you have flash installed?

Yep, Flash installed. Firefox 4 browser…

OK should work now…

I tried it with firefox and got the same problem…

I put firefox into debug mode and discovered It was to do with direct linking security and firefox (for some reason firefox was getting 403 forbidden when the flash player tried to call the media, whereas the other browsers seemed to cope OK)

Is it working for people OK now?

Working great now :sunglasses:

BRAVO !!! :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Working fine here under Firefox and Safari. :sunglasses:

Hey, Mark. Congrats on the release and all the best. :sunglasses:

Hi Mark,

I got the CD yesterday, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

It sounds and looks very good, you obviously you spent a lot of time on it. :sunglasses:

Good luck,