A warning to everyone opening old projects

I’ve been opening a series of old projects from 3.5 or lower and none of them play right and they’re all a mess. After much fidgeting I realized that the Endpoint configuration in 4 is reset to 1 Port 1 Channel. By simply adding the correct ports and channels all is immediately fixed… Worth noting me thinks.

That shouldn’t be happening. Could you create a minimal project in Dorico 3.5 that reproduces this problem when you open it in Dorico 4? Thanks!

I’m afraid I cannot replicate it with a fresh project. Perhaps it has something to do with the complexity of the configuration. I created a string octet and assigned each to a different channel and port. Then created an extra stem up for each instrument and assigned that to a different channel. I also replicated all of the above in Dorico 3.1. Still opens correctly in 4…???

Very strange, because this happens in all my old projects that have elaborate configurations, not on the simple ones e.g. using a single port but multiple channels. In fact a String Trio I copied just the other day to a new file (in 3.5) had the same issue. Unfortunately I have already fixed all these scores and saved them to the new 4.0.31 so wouldn’t be of any use.

OK, here’s an update. I now suspect that the aforementioned projects might have never had the endpoint configuration correctly, since it was possible to run and configure everything from the routing window in each instrument. It appears 4 might be a bit more sensitive to this. However, the playback issue appears to be something different which I will post separately. And it might also be what is affecting other people.