A way to Bounce multiple sections of one track w/out merge?

Try render in place make sure you have the option on to render as events

You have to trick Cubase! I’m using Cubase 5, but I reckon this won’t have changed much.

1: select all your edits.
2: I’m on a PC, so CTRL+Right click one of the edits. Choose a bogus process (e.g. Remove DC Offset - although you may want to do this anyway…)
3: Choose “New Versions”

Now, on my session it doesn’t seem to create the files so…

4: File -> Back up Project

When you make a new folder and back up the project into that, all the edits will be rendered as separate files.
De :ugeek:

Oh, but this won’t incorporate the VST processing. Sorry! But it does give you individual files. Perhaps flattening realtime processing after you do this might work.


How about a macro to bounce selection on an event, select next event, bounce selection…repeat.