A way to buy (crossgrade) Dorico in 2 or 3 instalments

Hi Daniel and Team!

I’ve been following Dorico development for many years and would like to congratulate you and the team for all the great work you’ve done!
I am a Finale user and have been testing Dorico SE for some time and liked it very much. But I really want to buy Dorico Pro using the crossgrade promotion. Unfortunately because of the corona virus situation I’ve lost a lot of my income and it is difficult to me in this moment to buy it in just 1 instalment. If I could buy Dorico Pro in 2 or 3 instalments would be possible for me.
Here in Brazil the euro is now very high (like 1 euro = 6,5 reais) and with almost no job a some of 139,50 euros is difficult to pay. Sorry for the complain (I don’t like to do it), in normal times, I think it’s a great price and I wouldn’t have problem to buy it.
I don’t know if it is complicated to do this, but I hope you could give some answer or other possibilities. Thank you for your attention!

João Luiz

Ignore if irrelevant…
Once you have Dorico, you can get noteperformer on a rent to buy arrangement.

Welcome to the forum, João. I agree that it would be a great thing for us to offer rent-to-buy through our online shop, but unfortunately this isn’t something that we offer at the moment. However, some of our resellers do independently offer payment plans for buying many products, including Dorico and other Steinberg products. If you’re able to buy from the US, for example, you should find that Sweetwater will offer this possibility.

Thank you Daniel for answering my question. I will check Sweetwater.
Independently of the possibility I will try to buy Dorico Pro this month with the crossgrade promotion.

Best regards,

João Luiz

Also Paypal itself offers a credit arrangement if you buy from somewhere that offers it.