A way to create an automation from audio

Oh and yes, maybe there is something somewhere to achieve this ?

I want basically an automation created from and audio section, like a signal follower, 0 when it silent, and 127 when it’s 0dB.

Maybe there is a way with devices, and routing tips, but actually, i don’t see a way to do this, or an approximate way ( except drawing it by hand ^^)

If someone, know something about that, i’m ears and eyes wide open :slight_smile:

Like this one DPeakMeterPro

“All envelopes (peak, RMS, crest factor…) can be reused for additional monitoring or side chaining purposes: combined together, reversed, modified and recorded as automation curves or sent as MIDI CC messages, they can control other effects in real time.”

-> https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_DPeakMeterPro/

Thanks for the tips, another plug to buy… It’s strange that this is impossible in Cubase !

Finally i found a solution in my plugins… the named “MUX” had done that like a boss :slight_smile: