A way to edit/move automation line on project window with precision?

is there a way to edit the automation line with key modifier with small moves and with precision ?
like when we move a fader with Shift modifier in cubase it moves in small increments , i didn’t find a way to do it when edit/moving automation line one the project window.
i mix sometimes on protools and its very convenient and practical to use it with key modifier , it also shows you the actual value and the difference u made while editing the automation line.
in cubendo i need to zoom the automation lane to very big size to make more precise moves on automation lines/lanes


This is a definite issue - also that when doing panning automation it doesn’t snap to C is something that has bothered me for years.

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Here is an example, at first i don’t use the modifier and the edit is in big value steps, then i use the Cntl modifier and i can edit the automation precisely without zooming the automation lane.
it also shows the value of the automation and the difference made in the brackets next to the mouse cursor , so it give a good info of the edit moves and also its in sight and u don’t have to look at the info line on top of the project to view the value when editing.
the values just there next to the mouse cursor
Protools Precise Automation edit

I tend to use the Info Line to make fine adjustments to values (such as automation nodes or MIDI data) and either use arrow keys or the scroll wheel.

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