A Way to edit the time signature input

Hello, is there a way to edit that if I want to add a time signature using Shift + M I don’t need to enter e.g. 4 / 4 to enter 4/4 time signature but could just enter 44, which would make it a bit quicker?

No, there’s not.

Bummer, would be great to have the option to edit this in Dorico 5 as you can already edit Jump Bar Aliases rn.

You could create a script which does the job for you? I think you can set a shortcut for it.

Idk, I am not experienced with scripting…

It’s only one keystroke… How much time are you saving by manufacturing a script that understands 44 instead of 4/4?


But you have to reposition your hands to enter ’/’ and entering a slash are two keystrokes. It would be easier to just press 4 twice and that’s it, considering you would never need a time signature like 44/4 or sth. I think this would that would cut the time required to enter a time signature by a little more than half for me. And of course this is just an example, it would be nice to also be able to assign these ‘shortcuts’ for custom elements.

And also I don’t want to write a script, that’s why I ask to make this possible in future versions. Maybe it would be as easy as Just putting a new section in the key commands options or sth.

The punctuation is necessary for the popover syntax. If they were to allow “44” to mean “4/4” then you couldn’t make e.g. 44/8. Any full keyboard includes a / key on the numeric keypad, and for those without, at least / is an ascii character found somewhere on every keyboard.

Another way to speed up entry is copy time sigs with Alt-click. When recopying an existing score, I like to set up all the bars first with meters, key changes and tempos, before doing note entry.


You could always use C.

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If you could just type 24 to mean 2/4 you couldn’t engrave Bach’s Prelude 15 from WTC.

I can’t think of an example with a 44 beats, but I’m sure someone has done it.