a way to know what segment of event DOP is applied to ?

many times i have a DOP on several segments of an event (or just one DOP on an event segment) how should i know what DOP is applied and where on the event ? there is no indication whatsoever.(only waveform updated)
there should be some indication,a permanent sign on the event segment that DOP assigned to or popup indication on segment from DOP window,like show me what process is applied in what segment


What DOP is applied, you can see in the DOP window.

On which part, you can’t see it, if you are using Range Tool. If you use the DOP for the whole Audio event (Object Selection tool), you can see two “triangles” (a waveform) in the right-top corner of the Audio event, what means, DOP has been used here.

yes that’s what i want/need to see ,in which part(segment) of the event the DOP applied.probably i should make a FR for it :neutral_face:


In the right-top corner, you can see the DOP (wave-form) symbol, if you apply DOP to any part of the file, so even if you use Range Selection Tool and apply the DOP just for a range of it. But you can’t see, to which range exactly and you even can’t re-select the range again.

This is a known design issue.