a way to select an event to show in explorer?

Is there a way to select an event and show/find in explorer?

Thanks in advance

please some help :slight_smile:

Your question is kind of ambiguous, can you be more specific.

What type of event do you want to see & is that event something that even exists within Windows. For example if your selected event was a MIDI Note then that only exists within Cubase as data in the .cpr file and not any thing else that Explorer would show you.

Hello :slight_smile:, when I refer to a event I mean a dropped audio or a generated audio placed in the Cubase arrange, in conclusion only audio events

for example the one selected here:

When I refer to “show in explorer” I mean a function like this marked on Red from the pool, the problem is that when opening the pool it is a little complicated to find the selected event in a bunch of 100 events… is there some way to show the selected/wished event as shading on the pool? or another way to look for it fast and easily ?

I also know the method to look for the event with a cubase tool where is just need it to write the name, but that’s something I wanna avoid if its possible

(P.S. images was taken from internet)

OK, got it now. You have Audio Events that are, as always, associated with Audio Files and you want to find those files in Windows.

In the project Window select the Audio Event. Then in the Audio menu use Find Selected In Pool. Now the Audio File in the Pool that is the source of the Audio Event will be selected. Don’t know if there is a Key Command available for the “Find…” but if there is you might want to assign a key to it if you are doing this a bunch - maybe even a macro to include the Explorer bit.

that’s exactly what I was looking for! thank you so much one more time raino!