A Windows 8.1 touch controller I've been working on

The app is named yMIDI and it is a general purpose MIDI controller for controlling MIDI enabled software or hardware. yMIDI works with compatible DAWS and devices over wireless or Ethernet or with local MIDI ports.

yMIDI is a Windows 8.1 app that runs on any hardware that supports both ARM and x86 versions of Windows 8.1.

• Standard Controls: Pitch, Mod, Volume, Pan
• 5 custom slider controls
• X/Y control
• 3 octave keyboard control
• 4x4 or 6x6 grid of touch enabled pads
• Custom sliders, X/Y control and pads are configurable to any CC and channel
• Control surface with MCU Pro emulation
• Toggle mode for touch pads - Visual indicator toggles between touch events.
• Send MIDI control to both network or local MIDI ports.

More information at http://level6productions.com

cool! will check it :slight_smile:

That is really cool, I’ll definitely try this on my Surface!

I’m trying this out right now from my Surface Pro 3 with Win 10 to Cubase 8 on Win 8.1. Easy enough to set up if you’re careful to read the instructions at the yMidi and rtpMidi sites.

I’m mainly interested in DAW control so I set up the MCU controller. I have quite a few issues. I guess some of them go with the general MCU territory but some do seem to be bugs.

  • Many toggle button states get out of sync, either with the functionality in Cubase (Cycle ) or with the functionality within the app (Flip, VPot assign buttons)
  • There’s green thingy next to each level fader. What’s that!?
  • Channel left/right doesn’t seem to do this, rather it switches pages for the VPots
  • Global view buttons don’t do anything.

Also there is some things that limit usefulness like when eq-ing. Eq can be set, but you can switch bands on/off and you can’t bring up the Eq GUI in Cubase so you can’t really see what you’re doing.

Basic stuff works well. Volume, pan, mute, solo, select, record, transport. And the jog weel is really handy! I can definitely see some parts in my workflow where these things could come in handy.

Who else uses yMidi? What are your experiences and what do you use it for? Do the issues I have only happen in my setting or should they be reported as bugs?