A Wintry March and Jazz Doxology

It’s winter time, and I’ve always thought that the tune “Venite Adoremus” (The Snow Lay on the Ground) would make a fun march. This is my result. I call it “The Snow March.” Made with Dorico and using Noteperformer sounds. Sorry about the Dropbox issue. I’ll use Soundcloud from now on :slightly_smiling_face:

While I’m at it, here is a 'Jazz Doxology" setting of ‘Old Hundredth’ for Jazz Band. The piano is Garritan Steinway Jazz, the Vibes are Garritan JABB; the rest are Noteperformer. I haven’t made any adjustments to the new fermata playback, and you can hear a couple of places where the ties don’t go to the 2nd ending. The drums were a modified MIDI import from Band-in-a-Box. I’m really happy with great flexibility Dorico allows me. :grinning:

Can’t play it. Dropbox wants me to register but I don’t want to!