A year since starting to use Dorico

So it’s now a year since I switched from MuseScore to Dorico.

Whilst there are always additional features that could be added (multiple/alternate chord symbols being top of the list!!!), I’ve found Dorico to be really good to work with, and probably shown by my output over the last year - 25 jazz quartet reharmonizations and 14 big band arrangements.

Given this is just a hobby for me, I think that’s pretty good output.

In particular, part layouts for the Big Band charts are especially easy, and take far less time than previously on MuseScore.

So: thanks for a great product!


That certainly sounds like an impressive output to me, Matthew! Congratulations!

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed using Dorico this year, and that you’re feeling the difference in the quality and speed of the music you’re creating. Long may that continue :slight_smile: