A zoom command that fits the page height

Hello Dorico,

I am in Engrave mode, checking a piano score and I would like a zoom command that “fits the page”, is there a way?

Alt-cmd-0 ? (The same as write mode page view)

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Thank you! I specified Engrave mode just in case! I double and triple checked the manual, forums, menus, but could not find the command, where did the Dorico team hide the alt-cmd-0?
I even browsed the “Preferences” -> “key commands” but it is nowhere to be found!

You can find this command in the Key Commands page of Preferences under View, as Page Height.


Indeed it is there! The shortcut command Alt+Cmd+0 works ok but in the Key Commands there are no shortcut keys for it.

I guess that’s a reason for this forum to be :wink:

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