"a1" and others from SX3 - to which folder in C6?

Hi - If I wanted to use this VSTi and others that are not available in C6 - would I just copy the SX3 folder they are into the corresponding C6 folder?

If so, if anyone knows off-hand which folder to find it in in SX3, and the corresponding target folder, I’d be grateful if you’d please let me know. I never have become comfortable with where Cubase puts their folders - some in “Documents and Settings”, some in “Program Files”, some in the drive where projects are (my “E:\” RAID drive), and sometimes I swear it seems the folders in each of these drives have the same names … :frowning:



Those plugins you are talking about are stored within Cubase 6 (Program Files > Steinberg > Cubase 6 > VST PLugins).
It will probably be the same path for Cubase SX.

Although, some of those VST’s are already in Cubase 6 (and as 64 bit versions) so make sure you don’t delete those!
Funnily enough I wrote down the duplicates the other day: Chorus, Flanger, Multi Compressor, Phaser, Rotary, and VST Dynamics. All 64bit within Cubase 6. Happy days!

I don’t think it matters which folder as long as you have a method, I keep mine separate. Where possible I install plugins to a separate VST plugins folder (so don’t get deleted when re-installing) and point the plugins path within C6 to it. (Devices > Plugin Information). I think if your VST folder is saved within the main Steinberg folder it will probably find the path automatically on install.

On a (slight) sidenote I did notice on the FTP server where you can download these plugins - LM7 and Virtual Bass are included but not A1. Strange.

Hey Vlad (“The Impaler”?? :smiley: ) - Thank you so much - for all of it, and that bit about pointing Cubase to the right folder is absolute gold!

no worries glad I could help. I’ve been tinkering around all week trying out Cubase 6, searching everywhere etc, so I know what it’s like!