A1 Synth? CMPlay? SoundFX Browser?


  1. I opened a 10 year old project and it has a track that uses ‘A1’… I -think- that was an old VSTSynth from the SX days. Can someone give me a procedure to install just -that-?

  2. The same project also used a VSTSynth called ‘CMPlay’ that I got from an old Computer Music CD. I have 3 CDs from them but I can’t figure out which one installs that. The thing triggered a swooping ‘jet engine/vacuum cleaner’ sound. And I just wanna get that thing.

  3. Can someone recommend a lightweight ‘sound browser’? Something akin to Adobe LightShop, but for WAVs. I’ve got a bajillion SoundFX samples I only ever use once a year, but when I do it’s =painful= auditioning them all one at a time. I want to be able to just scroll through them, listen for a 10th of a second and move on.



Adsr sample manager

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Thank you. Does exactly what I wanted. In reading reviews of it, I’m surprised at how harsh many of them are. Don’t get it.

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I had it and worked great and is also free