A61 and Cubase - knob for main out an more?

With my new Native Instrument A61 keyboard the midi controls ans the transport controls are working fine, the knobs can be used to control the mixer fades for each track, as long as there are less than 9 tracks.

Two questions:

  1. if I have more than 8 tracks, I see no option to switch or toggle to the next 8 tracks. The page left and right buttons are not highlighted and not active. Is it a bug or a (none) feature?
  2. I can’t control the main out, that means the most right fader in cubase, even if ther e are less than 8 tracks. Same question: Is it a bug or a (none) feature?

By the way: which protocol ist used für this communiation between A61 and Cubase? Is this proprietary or can I modificate this?


Since you mention the transport controls on the A61 work in Cubase, I assume the keyboard was recognized and was installed as a ‘Remote Devices (Legacy)’ to be found in the Studio setup.
In Komplete Kontrol (stand alone), you can edit your keyboard and create profiles. This means you can assign MIDI CC values to the knobs and create multiple ‘pages’.
I used this feature (on a S61) and this allowed me to create a MIDI Remote device where I can use the rotary encoders (and the buttons) adding more functionality indeed.

The communication between Cubase and the A61 is simply MIDI …

Thank you for this useful hint, I will try this and report my results

I’ve opened the Komplete Kontrol Midi configuration an it look like this:

How can I configure Knob CC 21 so that it always controls the main out in cubase? I only see the Program Change an the CC options. Are there other configuration items?