AAC Audio Importing

hello, I am not able to import an AAC Audio track ( iTunes purchased ) into cubase project from iTunes library.
I can see the track title when I open media, but it is grayed out. other format like mp3 or wav files can be imported.

Cubase 7
Mac Pro 10.8.5

Aloha H,

Seems Cubase may not ‘see’ AAC files so you may have to convert them to
a format Cubase can see/import. (.wav/.aiff/mp3 etc)

Apps that may work to convert:


Locate the file in iTunes.
Open Preferences (in the iTunes menu).
Select the “Import Settings…” button.
Change the “Import Using:” menu to AIFF Encoder or WAV Encoder.
“OK” close all the open dialog boxes.

With the track selected right click and select “Create WAV Version”.

thanks, it works but there is an audio drop outs on converted track. my projects are 96k/32. any thoughts,

I’m not sure if iTunes can handle 32-bit audio correctly. Try using XLD for the conversion. I’ve verified that it’s working. Best of all, it’s free!

iTunes audio contents are DRM protected. Maybe a DRM removal such as TuneFab Apple Music Converter can help you. Someone told me it can convert any DRM tracks to plain MP3, M4A etc.

You can use AMusicSoft Apple Music converter to convert your AAC files to MP3. Then you can import your files