AAC-HD (lossless) slow rendering

It’s not a big deal (almost never comes up), but it’s slower than real time even from a montage with no processing.

Does anyone know if this is this a computer issue (it’s old), a wavelab issue, or an Apple codec issue?

It’s actually kind of funny. All of the “issues” I seem to have with Wavelab (on OS X previsously; now on win 10) are little weird things that don’t affect my day-to-day work.

This format require much computations.

Is there an open source implementation?

It’s crazy how slow it is compared to FLAC conversions.

Wouldn’t it be expected if it’s creating more than the FLAC? (but you’re right it is very slow). But also, trying it here, the HD lossless is about twice as fast in Wavelab 8.5 and Wavelab 9 than in 9.5.35 using the same file and AAC-HD lossless factory preset. It consistently gets slower halfway through on 9.5.35 here. I wonder, is that because of 64 bit float processing?

Actually in my testing on Windows 10, all AAC format files are twice as slow to render in 9.5.35 than they were in 9.1 and 8.5, no matter the preference settings. None of the other file formats show a speed difference between versions like that.

But the AAC HD Lossless was far slower than any other format even in 8.5 and 9.1, only now it’s even twice as slow as that.

I don’t know of any other programs that make AAC HD Lossless.

I forgot I had the Sonnox Codec Toolbox. It makes HD AAC and doing it there without updating, it’s a little bit slower than Wavelab 9.1 and 8.5, but not twice as slow like 9.5. All use the Fraunhofer afaik. I don’t think Apple or anybody else ever made an HD AAC, at least I can’t find mention of any besides the Fraunhofer. Still don’t know why this is slower in 9.5 though, unless it’s 64 float processing. (or should that be faster depending on the processor native instructions?). Don’t know anything about that really.

Is nobody else seeing much slower AAC encoding on Wavelab 9.5?

On one system, rendering a 44.1k 40 minute file to presets on 9.5:
AAC iTunes+: 6m 3s
MP3 VBR HQ: 0m 23s

Same thing on Wavelab 9.1:
AAC iTunes+: 0m 51s
MP3 VBR HQ: 0m 23s

Maybe it’s something on my systems (Win 10).

I confirm there is an important speed regression. I will contact Fraunhofer, the suppliers of the encoders.

Regression is only on Windows, not Mac.