AAF Default path?

Hey, Does anyone know whether we can set Nuendo to always default to a known location when importing AAFs?

We work in a networked corporate windows environment doing lots of small daily jobs, all videos and AAFs are exported to a shared “dropbox”, a network folder where everyone knows to look for them.

Is there a way to force Nuendo to look at this folder when importing AAF’s? Currently it opens in the last working folder, which requires a few mouse clicks to go back to the dedicated AAF folder. We do this 20 or so time a day. We have slightly mitigated that by mapping a drive letter point to that folder, but was wondering whether there was another way.

If drag and drop AAF worked , then we could just drag onto the timeline from an open explorer window , but that doesn’t seem to work (or does it?).
We work around the Video problem by dragging the video from the network storage to the Local Folder as part of the video import, I suppose we could do the same with AAF, but we don’t keep the AAF, so we’d need to delete them later.

Not a big deal, just a minor annoyance,
Thanks for any suggestions, Soundone

I don’t think there is a way.
The best solution for me is to specify shortcuts to folders and their paths I regularly use on the OS level.