AAF does not work!

Just tried to open a few embedded AAFs coming from Avid,
import crashed with nuendo error: 8012006A
When not clicking to extract the embedded media during import-procedure, the AAF is opening in project correctly, but all audio files are named with loooong hyroglyphic names. Not to identify.

Opening the same AAFs in Pro Tools, everything is working fine, even the audioclips are named like in the original project…

So it seems I have to work in PT for the upcoming project…?

In my experience… AAF from AMC to N5 has to be a reference AAF with a media folder that goes with it. That was the only way I could get it to open. with out dropped files or errors. I’ve seen the weird files names before, this didn’t happen for me when using the reference folder.

In my experience, AAFs from Avid HD projects do not open in Nuendo properly. So I open them in Pro Tools, then re-export them as another AAF, referencing source files. Make sure that you copy the protools audio and fades folder to your Nuendo project. I’ve used this method on a lot of recent projects.




open them in Pro Tools, then re-export them as another AAF

yes, I tried this on this weekend and it seems to work with referencing to the pro tools audio files. This way I also have the right naming of events. But there is one big issue, that you don’t have any fades for further editing. All fades are consolidated audiofiles right now.
So I think I will use pro tools on this project. There is unfortunately no time for rebuilding all fades manually.


btw: is there any error-list? Where do I find info to nuendo error 8012006A?

So this is still an issue in 5.5.
Just tried to open an AAF from Avid. It looks OK - waveforms appear in the right places But in some cases a waveform is all that’s there. No audio in the clip.
Does anyone know a way round this, apart from opening in PT and re-exporting as a new linked-media AAF?

The empty events issue is on the avid side… I think…

The only way I’ve gotten it to work is to do the new aaf and linked media folder.

Try referenced AAFs. They work.

Well I’ve been using PT to unzip the embedded AAF and create a new AAF with reference media. I guess if I could get the AAF from the picture editor as an unembedded type with a separate folder of media, that might mean I don’t have to go through the PT stage myself?

That is correct

Referenced AAFs are also the recommended between Avid MC and Avid PT also, embedded is not the way.

If you get an referenced AAF with MXF audio files, you can even choose to work directly from the referenced media.
If you work on a shared SAN with the picture editor it saves a lot of data storage.

Tell the pic editor to send you referenced AAFs, they work.