AAF export and runway archives: two processes, two problems

I see. It unfortunately still won’t help though. Might as well just have the export to AAF do the conversion rather than having more tracks in a project than needed.

I don’t know what delusion led me to believe that stereo export was possible in AAF format, but it seems to me that it would be desirable.

So how do you get the audio files of a session, in order and synchronized, from one DAW to another?

Forget AAF. Use EDLtranslate.
Export as track archive and convert direct to a ptx session.
Stereo, Multitrack, Mutes, Automation, fade forms, parts to regions, envelope clip gain, busses and routing, markers and so on …


Disclaimer: I’m the developer of this software

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In fact, I’m glad you’re the developer. But I’m on PC, so it won’t work, if I go by your software description. That said, I’m migrating to Mac in February. I’ll keep your solution in mind, thanks.

Oh no, where does it say that the software works only with Mac? Quite the opposite. It was originally developed for PC only.
Be free, test it out.

Sorry for the mix-up. But, without taking anything away from your extremely useful work, it’s too expensive for me, as my need is for a single project, once.